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                        Eye-Lets Etc., Inc. Eye-Let / Rivet line~
Q. What type of eyelets are manufactured by Eye-Lets Etc
Aluminum which is a much softer easy to set material as well as acid free/ lignin free, it comes in two finishes:
• Anodized: The aluminum is treated and then a natural dye is added and blended using heat. This is referred to as sweat dying and seals in the color.
• Top Painted:
The aluminum is painted with multi layers of organic enamel lacquer finish. This finish will not chip or peel.

Q: Why use aluminum eyelets?

. Aluminum eyelets are acid free and easy to set.

Q. What materials can other manufactured eyelets be made of that makes them different?
A. These are three other styles of eyelets are on the market:
• Brass: Contains an alloy which tends to turn black with time. It can also contain cyanide acid. Since brass is a hard material, eyelets made with it are hard to set.
• Copper: Turns green with time and is not acid free. Copper is also a hard material so eyelets made with it are hard to set.
• Steel: Can rust with time and is not acid free. Steel is very hard so eyelets made with it are hard to set.

                    Eye-Lets Etc
., Inc. Washers
Q. Why use washers?:

They help the eyelet maintain its true shape. They make swing tags more flexible. They are versatile and can be used on two sided projects, examples: scrapbook pages, cards and gift boxes. They give your eyelets and rivets a nice finished look.

                    Eye-Lets Etc., Inc. Exclusive Spring-Let™ Punch and Setter
Q. How to Use our Exclusive Spring-Let™ tool?

A. 1.
Put the magnetic 1/8" hole punch tip in the tool and position it where you would like your eye-let / rivet. Hold the tool straight up and down pushing down on your Mat-Let™. Firmly grip the sleeve, pull up on the ball no more than 1" to 1 1/2" high and let go in the air. The quick impact punches your hole.

    2. Place the eye-let / rivet face down in a Plate-Let™ or directly on your Mat-Let™. Place the material with the hole punched in it face down over the eye-let or rivet. (Optional) Place a washer rounded side up over the eye-let or rivet.

Put the magnetic 1/8" setter tip in the tool and place it centered on the eye-let/washer or back of eye-let. Firmly grip the sleeve, pull up on the ball NO MORE THAN 1" to 1 1/2" high and let go in the air. The quick impact sets your eye-let / rivet. Step 3 may need to repeated twice if not using a washer and 4-5 times if setting Brass/Steel eyelets.

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